About Us


Freight Forwarding Service

Amitrio Trading LTD (Amitrio) is a Freight forwarding company licensed by the Nigeria Custom Service. We are revolutionizing the Custom clearing process and also providing solutions on custom duty bottlenecks.

Amitrio provides both Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) freight services for all container sizes, Flat Rack or Open containers.

Our Infrastructure allows us to help you handle freight on all shipping lines at air and sea ports.

We are also able to clear cargo of all types. Our cargo clearance implementation/process is extremely detailed and transparent.

Our Story

We are committed to helping custom clearance duties bottleneck of goods and vehicle imported and, to serve clients better and more efficiently. We seek to innovate rather than stay stagnant. Through our company, We are pushing the boundary of what being a Clearing agent means. By ensuring that each client has access to the specific services they need, he is cutting out the waste.

There is no one size fits all strategy when it comes to custom duty clearance charges, with this in mind, we are looking to the future to discover new ways in which we can add value to the industry.

Value Proposition

Our main focus is on providing clients with the personalized services they need. We understand that every client is different. For that reason, we are dedicated to delivering customized services that go above and beyond the bar for our clients.

At Amitrio we are able to ship vehicles or heavy equipment from the US or China. Bid/Purchase used or new vehicles from US and South Korea.

Our Core Values